Day 29 – Second Day Back

April 21st 2020

Up and at em! Time to get LittleSister/Coworker and get our butts to work.

Driving to work I played some Iggy for us to jam out to and get us pumped to finish up the orders for the day to get out.

When we pulled in the parking lot we put our masks on and entered the building.

Spent the morning working on emails, purchasing garments, writing up orders, and checking apparel into the lineup for embroidery and screen print.

Lunch time was leftovers 🙂

After another long day wearing a mask, washing my hands between opening boxes, and isolation we packed up and left.

I dropped LittleSister/CoWorker off I went home to see the boys.

We stuffed our backpacks and headed out for our daily walk – 1hour and 24 minutes. It was nice to clear my head after another day of uncertainty.

When we arrived home I was distracted in my own thoughts.

I worked 2 days – it felt like I was in a dream – I was AT work, but only with a couple other people. Then I was doing my work, but there were no customers. I was answering emails, but only fielding questions, not taking in new orders.

Will I still have a job in a week? Will new business start to come in? All the unknown is starting to settle in my head and my anxiety is starting to rev up.

Where do I go from here? When will I work next? Nothing makes sense and I’m just going through the motions during the day, but is this going to be the new norm?

Day 28 – First Day Back…

April 20th 2020

Happy 420 everyone! Couldn’t have picked a better day back than this.

Coffee protein shake made – random items grabbed for lunch – and ready for my first day back!!

I can’t find my keys…

Had to wake up the husband to help me find my keys – and I still have to pick up LittleSister/Coworker since we’re carpooling together!! My husband finally found my keys and I sprinted to my car to get on the road!

I picked up LittleSister/Coworker and we were off to Mid-City for some apparel check-in and order checking out.

When we arrived Z greeted us and gave us our masks to put on. We are not allowed to “clock-in/clock-out” like normal to avoid everyone touching the keyboard and mouse. We arrive at 7am and leave at 3:30pm. We were given gloves and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

We got to work right away – there were stacks of boxes waiting for us to get through. My priority was to find the items that needed to be embroidered so that I could get them in the line for Severa since her line was low.

As we were going through the piles of items strewn about – I found a frog!!! A FREAKING FROG!!!

Andrea was able to grab it and showed it to everyone working and then brought it outside to set in the wet grass. WHEW! It was a big one too.

I had the pandora blasting with our tunes and we just kept going through boxes, and orders, and different apparel all day. It was a bit awkward at first, but then we got in the groove after a solid hour. I logged into my emails and our online ordering platform and it was as if I never left.

Lunch came around and we both agreed it was a Sendiks kind of day! As usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach!!!

After lunch it was back to the grind – LittleSister/Coworker and I were determined to pack as many orders as possible for customers to either pickup curbside, or for one of the owners to drop off.

The tunes were BUMPIN and we turned on some Nicki Minaj and some Iggy. I found out that LittleSister/Coworker has a love for those women rappers like I do! It was fun to sing along to some of the raunchy lyrics together.

3:30pm – QUITTIN TIME!

I drove LittleSister/Coworker home and we both said being back was a nice change from being stuck at home for the last month.

After I dropped her off I realized I left my lunch on my desk…. ALL THAT LEFTOVER FOOD SITTING ON MY DESK!!!!

I had to go back and get it. There was no way in hell that I was going to waste all that food/money. I wasn’t happy about it and neither was my husband – but I told him it absolutely had to be done!

I headed home and when I arrived home the boys were so happy to see me! It was if I had left for days! 🙂

My husband made me throw all my clothes to the laundry and immediately take a shower. After that we went on a walk with the doggies for 43 minutes. We stopped by Ray’s for a couple of beverages along the way too. I was quite tired actually.

After the walk my husband ate some of the leftovers that I had from lunch – and I was ready to head to bed.

Falling asleep wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. My brain activity was nonstop.

I was supposed to be excited to be back at work – but was I? I still didn’t feel comfortable in the building, was it sanitized? Am I being paranoid? Was it a good day or was it not? Wearing a mask and gloves all day was okay but uncomfortable. Continuously wiping down the tables, door handles, arms of the chairs, light switches, keyboards, the bag sealer, the iPod, and all the additional communal areas.

Is this the new normal?

Day 27 – SEE

April 19th 2020

Slept til about NOON! What a waste of a gorgeous day.

My husband had made some breakfast for the both of us – he brought me some egg sandwiches, and all of a sudden I heard a “GODDAMMIT” in the kitchen and decided to check out what had happened…

My husband had made an entire batch of bacon and accidentally hit the plate over and it was all over the kitchen floor.

I could NOT stop laughing – I felt terrible for him – it was just a hilarious situation and how it had happened.

A portion of where the bacon fell 😦

I told him about my Zoom call later that evening about the “Series Watching Club” and he instructed me to sit my butt down on the couch and get to watching so I’d be ready to lead the discussion that night.

I watched 6+ hours of the series and during each episode continued to think of different questions to email to the group.

It was a different show than I usually watch – and it was weird to get in to at first – but I’m excited for the next season. There are just so many questions I have left unanswered! (Typical drama!!) A little topical as well since it’s about a family/village that comes out of a pandemic where everyone is blind.


Watch it – you’ll appreciate so many things about your sight.

Time for the call with the ladies – it was my twin, AKA, my sister-in-law and her roommate. We chatted for a solid hour! I love having calls with different groups of people in my life – everyone has new opinions and questions to bring to the table and it’s so intriguing to me!

I was exhausted from the lack of sleep (under 5 hours) but my mind was racing with so many different emotions. I couldn’t quite relax yet but I forced myself to lay in bed and take some breaths to ease some anxiousness.

Tomorrow I go to work for the first time in a month… what’s it going to be like? Who all will be there? Is it going to be easy to jump back into it? Will I know where to pickup where I left off? I’m supposed to be excited to go back, and I am, but I’m unsure. Everything is unknown.

Am I supposed to feel a certain type of way? How do you feel about physically going back into your work building?

Day 26 – Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

April 18th 2020

Woke up a little late but immediately threw my shoes on, hopped in the car, and drove to Caine and Molly!

Caine was not impressed to see me – he went over to the window to see if his actual owners were home to pet him. Molly was excited though – and she did such a good job in her crate! NO ACCIDENTS!!! YAYY!!!!

We took a long walk around the yard, had some breakfast, and played together for 45 minutes. They love to play with each other too – it’s cute to see them run after each other like a little game of tag. I was amused by their sibling love.

Breakfast and a few shirts to ship out that day. I put a post on facebook about the shipment and how thankful we were for everyone’s purchases. I was getting notifications left and right about how more people could buy! We did a special with free shipping so it was en fuego! I spent over 2 hours sifting texts and calls about who wants what and where it’s going. It was uplifting to have all the love shown from our family and friends who want to help us out.

I put together a worksheet for inventory and all the purchases from who and what sizes, and who paid or not, and if the product was shipped or not. 90% of the shirts were purchased by my dad’s side of the family! WAHOO!!!

Folding for faster grabbing of sizes and inventory checks

Since the morning flew by so fast – it was time to head to the post office to send out all the packages to everyone. I shipped 13 boxes that day! Wahwah WeeWah! I couldn’t get the self checkout to work so I had to get in the line for someone to help me. The worker in the post office was so patient and kind during all of it, especially since everything had to be individually weighed and measured. Everything is being shipped and should arrive to our customers in the next couple of days. Everyone also received extra koozies and Manservant shirts!


Caine was somewhat excited to see me – but still went to the window to see if the real owners were outside or not. Molly had a few accidents in the house, but at least they were in just one area!? We went for an hour long walk together and I sent LittleSister/Coworker PLENTY of videos and photos of them being good doggies. I finally was able to get Molly to go to the bathroom after a little hint from LittleSister/Coworker on her “special poop spot”.


They were ready to go back inside and relax after our long walk!

Once home my husband and the doggies were ready for me to go on a walk with THEM now!!

Greedy little B@$t@rds!

We went for an hour and 22 minutes! Our new little tradition is to stop at the park and relax for a little bit and enjoy a beverage.

We stopped at Ray’s and grabbed a few more items for our walk. Then proceeded to get home and make some dinner.

I showered and got ready for the night since we were invited to a bonfire with some of my husband’s wrestling buddies. Coincidentally he lived only 6 minutes from the doggies so we could let the dogs out and then head over to the social distancing bonfire.

I let out Caine and Molly one last time. They both did so well on the leashes and were even good for my husband since he was there with me. We said goodbye and gave them big hugs and kisses!!

We went to the bonfire and had a great time just hanging out with everyone. It was fun to see my husband enjoying himself with his friends! We ended up staying pretty late and drank too much – so we had to stay the night!

Any social distancing activities you like to do? Or are you doing actual distancing and staying home and away from everyone? What is something new you’ve done since COVID-19? Are you getting cabin fever yet?

Day 25 – Change of Scenery

April 17th 2020

Woke up multiple times during the night and it took forever for me to fall back asleep. Anxious with a handful of insomnia.

I finally was able to get back to bed for a couple of hours but didn’t wake up until 11:30am.

My husband was so sweet and made breakfast in bed for me – he even made cinnamon rolls!!! He overheard me saying the other day how badly I wanted some and when he went to the store a few days ago, he picked up a package of them.

I got my tuchus out of bed finally, and texted with the Slayers before I had to head over to LittleSister/Coworkers house.

The Slayers are still kickin @$$ and taking names. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Got myself packed up and on my way to LittleSister/Coworkers house to go over the plans for the doggies!!! She had a list of the daily rundowns, and how much food/water to give, walks, potty breaks, playtime, and nighttime routines. It was a short visit but I was glad to see in person where everything was located and have the doggies sniff me so they knew who would be back later that night. LittleSister/Coworker gave me some of her homemade chili too!!! I couldn’t wait to try it. She instructed it must be eaten with a peanut butter sandwich. Hmm…. okay!!

Since I was out and about (with my mask and gloves on) I stopped at Walgreens to see if they had any thermometers (which they didn’t) or face masks (which they didn’t) or some gloves (which they didn’t). Instead I walked out with some white claws, water, and chips.

I was across the street from Target so I thought I’d try to see what they had there…. no thermometers or face masks, but they had plastic gloves! I was feeling extremely melancholy recently and since I was at Target I decided to take my time and roam around the aisles for a little bit. I found some paints for my “painting with friends” Zoom calls. I bought a little candle making kit to keep me occupied, and a few other random essentials (vitamins, TP,) before heading back home.

I had a call with a friend of my moms to go over a project she needs help with for her company and wants me to help with their social media accounts. Something to do!!

Time for a walk with the doggies – we went for 1 hour and 5 minutes. We stopped by the park to take a picture by the kickball field we used to play at.


Time to try the Missouri chili with peanut butter sandwiches!!! I sincerely liked it, and will never have chili without a peanut butter sandwich again – my husband on the other hand said it wasn’t for him. Still proud of him for trying it!!!

It was so delicious and I was so full that I ended up passing out on the couch for a couple of hours!!!

When I woke up it was time to head over to take out the doggies! Caine and Molly ❤

We went for a little walk, but it was dark outside and there aren’t really any lights around the house outside and I felt a little creeped out! Then back inside for some kibbles and lovies. Played for a solid half hour and then went back outside for another walk. Caine and Molly are such good doggies. They both wanted to keep playing and it was difficult for me to put them away when I was leaving. I promised them I’d be back in the morning though to spend more time with them!

After I parked my car in the garage and headed to the house – a man came out of the shadows and it scared the crap out of me! I almost screamed too since why would someone be lurking around the alleyway like that?

Once inside I went over to my husband on the couch and instantly realized he had a few cocktails! Not mad – just hilarious. He was on a group call with his wrestling buddies and they were being a bunch of goofs. I loved it.

I headed upstairs for bed since I was going to have to get up early to let out Molly and Caine again!

How are your pets doing during quarantine? Do they love the attention? Or have you been at work and not been able to play with them all day? Do you pet your fish often?

Day 24 – Dog Days

April 16th 2020

Woke up to a text from Z to call him about possibly working on Monday…. ummmm YES! I called him to talk over the game plan. It would only be 2 days and it would mainly be to get out the rest of the orders that were due mid-late March. Nothing crazy right now- and it would be a very limited amount of people that would be going back. I said I would be fine with it as long as everyone would continue to keep their distance, and wear masks, and the place would be disinfected.

I called LittleSister/coworker to discuss her and I going in together. She was all for it! We do a lot of work collaboratively on the daily so it makes the most sense for us to be on the same shift. We discussed how the day would go, what our expectations were of us, and of course where we would be buying lunch for our break.

She also asked me if I would be okay watching her doggies this coming weekend for her while she went to Missouri with her boyfriend to go pickup some bees. I was 100% down for that. Her doggies are the cutest little naughters and I love giving them scratchies and lovies. Tomorrow I would meet at her house to go over everything that was needed for the pups while she would be out.

Slayers are ON FIRE today! Many texts about workouts, accomplishments, goals, and positive encouragement. I was loving the heightened push from within and onto each other. It’s motivating when you are surrounded with people who are constantly looking to achieve more. It was definitely an inspiring day from the Slayers.

I cannot thank these ladies enough for how much they keep me sane. I would totally be losing my $%&# if I didn’t have them to keep me focused. They are such strong women and I know that this world has big things coming for all of us.

My husband and I took an earlier walk with the dogs so that I could get back in time for a Zoom call with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and soon to be additional sister-in-law. We went for an hour and 20 minutes!!

On the walk we stopped at a park so sit on the swings and enjoy ourselves for a little bit. The dogs LOVED going on the playground!! Bernie especially loved going on the swings, and down the slide.

Home JUST IN TIME for the zoom call! It was a great time to chat with my ladies – especially since my sister-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law and I had a great talk about her wedding plans! We want everything to be awesome for her and whatever she needs help with, we’re going to do it for her 100%!!!!

After a 2 hour call it was time for some dinner and hangout with my boys. We had such a long eventful day with the park and walk that everyone was tuckered out.

My husband and I decided it was time to watch the movie OUTBREAK! Definitely topical to what is happening in the world today. Drinking game instructions below!!

During OUTBREAK the adult beverages were kicking in – and we were starting to get goofy! We didn’t end up going to bed until after 2am again!!!

My husband and I have been enjoying our daily walks with the doggies together. We have some sort of a routine with meals and the walks, but otherwise we are all over the place with time.

Are you working or at home? Is your spouse/significant other working or at home? If the both of you are home are you together constantly? Do you take your alone time?

Keep this momentum going team!!!

Day 23 – There are no rules

April 15th 2020

Woke up early and headed downstairs to try and make breakfast before my husband and the doggies got out of bed.

I always start the hashbrowns first since they take the longest – in the meantime I started the show “SEE” so that I could have material to discuss with the group on Sunday. I was about halfway down with the hashbrowns when I went into the fridge to get out the eggs and there weren’t any….

My husband wokeup and walked into the kitchen and I told him the terrible news. He told me not to fear, for he would go to the grocery store to pick up some eggs for us!


I texted him photos a few of the essential items that I needed while he was out.

When he pulled into the driveway I went out to help him with carrying in a load – he was NOT happy. I stayed inside and sanitized everything while he continued to bring in more groceries.

I finished making breakfast while he relaxed on the couch after the horrible experience at the store. He said it was overcrowded – people were not social distancing – too many families complaining about stock issues – and grouchy drama starting patrons that tried to involve other people.

I started “SEE” on AppleTV for our “Series watching Club”. It was definitely a good pick. If you haven’t heard anything about it, I highly suggest reading about it on IMDb and start binging. Jason Momoa is in it and he’s phenomenal!

I received a text from my employer saying that we might be going back to work next week – even though the governor has not lifted the “Stay at home” yet. I was confused because the reason we closed was because we were told we’re “nonessential” but in fact we are – we decorate clothing for first responders, hospitals, and grocery stores. I was eager to get back to work of course – but I was unsure of how I was feeling with 100% going back.

Time for a walk with the dogs! We went for 1hour and 16 minutes! 4 and a half miles. When we stopped at Ray’s it was BUMPIN! A lot of people were looking to day drink I guess!! Took over a half hour. DANG!!

After we arrived home and had some food – it was time for a Zoom call “LADIES NIGHT” with my twin and AKA. I thought it would be fun to have some wine and chat and catch up a little bit. Per usual my husband wanted to come on the call and chat for a little bit.

I invited the ladies to my “series watching club” and they both are in! Time to start binging 🙂

I said goodnight to the ladies and went to the living room to see what my husband was up to. He was playing GTA and I wanted to hangout with him for a bit together on the couch. I downloaded a word game on my phone and kept playing levels until 2am!!! FACE PALM!

My sleep schedule is completely WACKO! I have no idea what day or time it is anymore. I’m starting to get nervous that I’ll never get back to 100% normalcy!!

Are you staying on a sleep schedule during quarantine? Is the family keeping up with the change? Or has your house gone to chaos? What are you doing each day to try and keep yourself sane???